Startup Mahakumbh
Startup Mahakumbh Concludes Its Three-Day Extravaganza Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration

Witnessed participation from 2000+ startups, 48,000+ visitors, 392+ speakers, 165+ sessions

New Delhi, March 20, 2024: Startup Mahakumbh, India’s biggest celebration of startups, concluded its three action-packed days today at Bharat Mandapam and ITPO, Pragati Maidan. With 2000+ startups, 10+ thematic pavilions, 165+ investors, 110+ unicorns, 300+ incubators & accelerators, 392+ speakers, 26+ states, 14+ country delegations, 1306 exhibitors, and 48,581+ business visitors, the event served as a dynamic catalyst for the startup ecosystem. Further, the event was the center stage for more than 3868 future entrepreneurs, coming together to interact with investors, entrepreneurs, along with industry experts via masterclasses, and foster collaboration.

“India's startup ecosystem is on a journey of unprecedented innovation and growth, fundamentally reshaping the economic landscape," highlighted Arvind Gupta, Head & Co-Founder, Digital India Foundation. "Over the course of 10 years, we've witnessed a transformation from a few hundred startups to a vibrant ecosystem of over 100,000 startups, fostering a remarkable increase in incubators, unicorns, and a thriving digital economy. This growth isn't just about numbers, it's about creating millions of jobs and democratizing wealth and services across every tier of Indian society. Our startups are global pioneers, leveraging technology to solve complex challenges, ensuring India's position as a leader on the world stage. The journey from leveraging UPI technology in remote areas to its global recognition, and the rise of entrepreneurs from tier-2 and 3 cities, are shining examples of how inclusive growth can lead to sustainable development. This is the essence of Bharat Innovates, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of Indian entrepreneurship," Gupta added further.

"Witnessing over 3,800 future entrepreneurs come together at Startup Mahakumbh was truly inspiring," said Madan Padaki, President, TiE Bangalore & Trustee, TiE Global. "Their presence underscores the pivotal role that upcoming innovators play in shaping our entrepreneurial landscape. This convergence of ambitious minds with investors, mentors, and peers not only enriches our ecosystem but also paves the way for groundbreaking collaborations and innovations," he added.

From insightful keynote speeches to interactive workshops, Startup Mahakumbh offered a dynamic platform for attendees to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and gain invaluable insights from seasoned professionals. The event featured a rich tapestry of discussions covering emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and strategies for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, each of the 10+ thematic pavilions hosted a crescendo of panel discussions, masterclasses, and keynote speakers, offering an in-depth view of how budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can navigate the startup landscape. Additionally, some of the key dignitaries have shared below their experiences of participating in this immersive event.

"It was great to see many budding and ambitious agritech entrepreneurs aiming to improve the livelihoods of our farmers. This event has given them a great level of insight into how they can improve and scale, thereby contributing significantly to the overall value chain. It has also helped them build connections and network with investors looking to support their ideas. I see this creating a more thriving and successful agritech ecosystem in the future", said, Mr. Vineet Rai, Founder and Chairman, Aavishkaar Group.

Commenting on the event, Hari Balasubramanian, Angel Investor & Mentor, said, “The three days of Startup Mahakumbh have been action-packed with the energy of impactful sessions, reverse pitch sessions, a great display of AI startup innovations, and collaboration opportunities. The collaborative efforts of the organizing committee, Startup India, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), MeitY Startup Hub (MSH), and Invest India have led to a successful culmination of the Startup Mahakumbh. I truly believe that the future entrepreneurs and emerging startups of India will shape the startup ecosystem of Bharat as the best in the world with their innovations in the field of AI & SaaS.”

Sharing his experience, Ankit Nagori, Founder, Curefoods, said, "In the dynamic realm of D2C entrepreneurship, the three days at Startup Mahakumbh's D2C Pavilion have been nothing short of exhilarating. We've seen vibrant dialogues, insightful discussions, and the forging of new connections that will undoubtedly propel the growth of D2C startups in Bharat. This event not only provides a platform for showcasing innovative ideas but also fosters an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and growth. Startup Mahakumbh truly stands as a beacon for D2C startups and entrepreneurs, offering unparalleled opportunities to thrive and make their mark in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer brands."

Commenting on the event, Vidhya Ananthkrishnan, Chief Of Staff, Accel, said, "We've witnessed an incredible convergence of ideas, expertise, and opportunities within the B2B pavilion at Startup Mahakumbh over these three days. As we conclude this edition, it's evident that the event has not only showcased the potential of B2B innovations but has also laid the foundation for continued collaboration and growth in the years to come.”

“The Incubator and Accelerator Track wasn't just about nurturing selected startups; it was about nurturing the entire ecosystem at large. By empowering incubators, particularly in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, we're sparking a nationwide wave of innovation. During the last three days, we witnessed participation from 300+ Incubators, 750+ Startups, 17+ Government Departments, and about 34400+ eyeballs across stalls in the pavilion which in itself marks a strong testimony of Startup Mahakumbh’s success" said Karthik Kittu, Chief of Staff to Chairman, Startup Karnataka, and Co-lead, Incubator/Accelerator Track.

"The Startup Mahakumbh event, spanning three days, has played a pivotal role in uniting ideas, startups, innovators, and incubators. As the world grapples with the climate crisis, it's imperative to recognize the important role that climate startups will play in helping India achieve a leadership position in sustainability, across all natural capital including energy, water, food and other resources,” said Samir Shah, Managing Partner, Peak Sustainability Ventures.

“The last few years of climate investing activity underscores the potential for financial viability and large-scale climate impact of sustainability-focused startups, creating a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. Climate is a complex space that requires deep research in order to successfully identify and invest in opportunities. We believe India’s next decade will be the climate decade," added Shah.

"Startup Mahakumbh 2024 served as an exceptional platform, uniting startups from diverse domains under one roof, each showcasing their unique products and services. We take pride in curating the video gaming and esports pavilion, which garnered massive attention and footfall from the enthusiastic gaming community. The overwhelming response to the announcement of Global e-Cricket Premiere League Season 2, along with the Real Cricket 24 tournament and engaging discussions on the gaming and esports industry, underscored the immense potential of this sector in India.", said, Mr. Rajan Navani, Founder & CEO JetSynthesys.

"As we close the curtains on Startup Mahakumbh, let's carry forward the spark of innovation ignited in the fintech pavilion. Together, let's shape a digitally inclusive India where fintech propels us towards prosperity. The journey ahead is promising, and our collective efforts will define the future of fintech” said, Pramod Bhasin, Founder, Genpact; Founder, ClixCapital Services & Chairman, ICRIER.

“As the Startup Mahakumbh event concludes, let's recognize the crucial role of deeptech startups in India's growth. These ventures, powered by cutting-edge technology, are not only driving economic progress but also shaping our nation's future. In a rapidly advancing world, deeptech startups are pivotal for pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and positioning India as a global leader. Investing in them isn't just about supporting businesses; it's investing in India's collective future” said, Kritika Murugesan, Senior Director, Deeptech and startups, nasscom.

Startup Mahakumbh 2024 has vividly showcased the innovation and dynamism within India's startup ecosystem, emphasizing the crucial role startups play in driving global innovation. We commend the government's efforts in creating a supportive ecosystem for startups to flourish on a global scale," stated Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, Director and CEO of C-CAMP.

As Startup Mahakumbh draws to a close, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors, partners, speakers, volunteers, and attendees who contributed to making it a resounding success. The spirit of innovation and camaraderie exhibited throughout the event serves as a testament to the budding potential of the entrepreneurial community. We look forward to hosting the next edition of this magnitude next year.

About Startup Mahakumbh

Startup Mahakumbh is a first-of-its-kind event bringing together the entire startup ecosystem of India including startups, investors, incubators and accelerators, and industry leaders from several sectors. Spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of ASSOCHAM, nasscom, Bootstrap Incubation & Advisory Foundation, TiE, and Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA), the event will have sector-focused pavilions, which will showcase India's most innovative startups. With the central theme ’ ‘Bharat Innovates’, the event will also feature mentorship clinics, pitch competitions, and a multi-track conference featuring leadership talks, panel discussions, workshops, and a host of exciting activities for startups as well as future entrepreneurs. The event will also host a Future Entrepreneurs Day on March 20, with a focus on cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit among students. The Future Entrepreneurs Day is expected to gather close to 3,000 individuals handpicked by colleges and incubators nationwide for their inclination towards entrepreneurship. With the purpose of enabling handshakes and connecting startups with a spectrum of inventors such as VCs, angel investors, family offices, and HNIs- as well as potential corporate partners, the event is expected to host 2,000+ startups, 100+ unicorns, 10+ thematic pavilions, 1,000+ investors, 300+ incubators & accelerators, 3,000+ conference delegates, 10+ country delegations, and 50,000+ business visitors over the span of three days.



Startup Mahakumbh
Anjali Bansal
Founding Partner of Avaana Climate and Sustainability Fund
Startup Mahakumbh
Archana Jahagirdar
Founder & Managing Partner,
Rukam Capital
Startup Mahakumbh
Arvind Gupta
Head and Co-founder, Digital India Foundation
Startup Mahakumbh
Debjani Ghosh
Startup Mahakumbh
Deepak Sood
Secretary General, ASSOCHAM
Startup Mahakumbh
Madan Padaki
President, TiE Bangalore,
Trustee, TiE Global,
Founder & CEO, 1Bridge
Startup Mahakumbh
Nithin Kamath
Founder & CEO,
Zerodha and Rainmatter
Startup Mahakumbh
Pramod Bhasin
Founder, Genpact; Founder, Clix Capital Services;
Chairman, ICRIER
Startup Mahakumbh
Prashanth Prakash
Founding Partner, Accel
Startup Mahakumbh
Rikant Pittie
Startup Mahakumbh
S Ramann
Chairman & Managing Director,
Small Industries Development Bank of India
Startup Mahakumbh
Sanjay Nayar
Sr. Vice President, ASSOCHAM
Startup Mahakumbh
Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Co-founder and Executive
Vice Chairman,
Info Edge
Startup Mahakumbh
Vikram Gupta
Founder and Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures
Startup Mahakumbh
Vineet Rai
Founder, Aavishkaar Group


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